Saturday, January 30, 2016

Ryan And Lindsay Wedding Video

This is my first wedding video!  I’ve wanted to get into video more and more these days, and I think I finally have a vision of how I want to do videos. I’ve been building up by doing little family videos and sneakily shooting video of some of the couples just to practice.  For this couple, I offered the video as a free add-on to their wedding photo package.  Since I was shooting both photos and video, I had to handhold it.  I need to work on being a little more steady, but I think it totally works for this video!  

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Unknown said...

I loved Ryan And Lindsay Wedding Video. Their wedding day was stylish and very enjoyable. My sister had a DIY wedding at one of the rental spaces for parties in LA and she was managed to pull out it brilliantly. I'm sure that was hard for her to manage everything but at last it came out wonderfully.